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Satyartha Prakash - By Swami Dayanda Saraswati

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This is the book , which obviously retains the right to start any arya collection. One thing i would like to say is that this book is a life changing book. Anyone who reads it with unbiased mind would feel himself closer to truth and away from falsehood.
now excerpt from wikipedia.

During the Middle Ages of Indian history, many faiths and sects sprang up in religious and social spheres of Hindu society. They drifted away from the teachings of the Vedas and attached greater significance to their founders and their preachings.
From then onwards polytheism commenced. Great differences developed among the different sects and divided and weakened Hindu society. The caste system based on birth became strong and gave rise to further fragmentation. Superstition, ignorance and blind faith spread and caused the degradation of the Hindu religion and society.
It was at this time that Swami Dayanand wrote the Satyarth Prakash in order to spread the knowledge of the Vedas and to educate people on the true qualities of God. The Satyarth Prakash contains exposition and clarifications of Vedic principles. Some of the important topics in theSatyarth Prakash are worship of one God, explanation of the main principles of the Vedas, the relationship between religion and science and between devotion and intellect, elimination of the caste system and of different religious beliefs for the strengthening of society, eradication of superstitions, false notions and meaningless customs, shunning narrow-mindedness and promoting the brotherhood of man.
The book contains fourteen chapters, the contents of which are detailed below:
1The first chapter is an exposition of “Om” and other names of God.
2The second chapter provides guidance on the upbringing of children.
3The third chapter explains the life of Brahmacharya (bachelor), the duties and qualifications of scholars and teachers, good and bad books and the scheme of studies.
4Chapter 4 is about marriage and married life.
5Chapter 5 is about giving up materialism and starting to carry out community service.
6Chapter 6 is about Science of Government
7Chapter 7 is about Veda and God.
8Chapter 8 deals with Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution of the Universe.
9Chapter 9 deals with knowledge and ignorance, and emancipation and bondage.
10Chapter 10 deals with desirable and undesirable conduct and permissible and forbidden diet.
11Chapter 11 contains criticism of the various religions and sects prevailing in India.
12Chapter 12 deals with the CharvakaBuddha (Buddhist) and Jain religions.
13Chapter 13 has his views on Christianity (the Bible).
14Chapter 14 has his views on Muhammadism (Quran).

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